Monday, 27 January 2014

Reaction to Lipumba's Criticism of Tanzania's Finance Minister

This is a reaction to the story on The Citizen concerning Prof. Lipumba's criticism of the appointment of Saada Mkuya as Minister for Finance.

I think Prof Ibrahim Lipumba is right to question the qualifications and experience of the Minister for Finance based on his credentials as a respected economist. Criticisms leveled on JK's appointments have come from across sectors and Lipumba's entrance further shows the flaws in the cabinet appointments. I am dismayed by the women activists who rush and claim that the positive criticism by Lipumba is premised on gender, what a shame! Lipumba is positively contributing to the national debate and am certain gender was not in his agenda. Let us not divert attention and focus on substantive issues. With Tanzania facing new debt crisis and numerous economic difficulties, there is no room for experimentation. I am glad that with a new constitution, Ministers will be vetted by parliament before assuming office. We shall get there!

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