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Katiba? Not a vocabulary for the Aspirants so far!

I have listened and followed all speeches by 'watia nia' of CCM. I followed the grand farce of Edward Lowassa on 30 May in Arusha. I followed Mwigulu Nchemba's address the following day. Online comments said he did well. Stephen Wassira also announced that he will seek his party's nomination. His address was in Mwanza and he prioritised infrastructure. This Twitter parody account sums up Makongoro Nyerere's presidential ambitions. Amb. Ali Karume from Zanzibar has also declared his interest for the top seat. Many more will announce. I am told there are over 30 aspirants for CCM's presidential nomination. That is good for democracy! 
One conspicuous thing missing is the talk of the fate of the constitution process.

These snapshots show the aspirants key priority areas if they are nominated by their party CCM.