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Zanzibar Revolution: Who was John Okello and what did he announce on the radio in 1964?

Zanzibar and Tanzania mark 50 years since the bloody revolution of Zanzibar in 1964. I am currently researching on the Tanganyika- Zanzibar Union and the Zanzibar Revolution of 1964 has certainly shaped the history of Tanzania. I recently came across someone's tweet saying "Bila Mapinduzi, Muungano usingekuwepo..bila ya Muungano, Mapinduzi yasingedumu." The English translation is "Without the Revolution, the Union could not exist..without the Union, the Revolution could not have held." This is indicative enough of the crucial nature of the Zanzibar Revolution to the history of Tanzania. 
Strange as it may seem, one author aptly notes that "the Zanzibar Revolution might not have occurred, and certainly not when it did, had it not been for the presence of a foreigner from Uganda who had grandiose illusions about his revolutionary calling and who happened to be in an ideal position to organise a coup. The man was John Okello, a Christian who had come to Pemb…