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A reflection on my birthday

Somalia in Transition: New parliament inaugurated

Via Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis (CPRA) 

A total of 215 parliamentarians were sworn in on Monday, 20 August 2012, at a well-guarded ceremony at the Mogadishu airport, ushering in a new era of reforms in Somalia. The ceremony marked the attainment of one of the key milestones identified by the 2011 consultative meeting on ending the transition in the country. In all, 60 more members are to be added to the new parliament in order to attain the 275 full capacity of the new House, which is supposed to be the Lower House of the post-transition government in Somalia. Despite not being at full capacity, the present number gives the House more than the 185 parliamentarians required to form a quorum. 
Apart from marking a reformed parliament as envisaged in the Roadmap, the swearing-in ceremony is significant in the recent history of Somalia in a number of ways. It is the first time in the more than two decades of conflict in the country that such a ceremony has taken pla…

Lessons from Dr. Kafumu Election Petition Loss

Nicodemus Minde  The High Court of Tanzania stripped Igunga MP off his parliamentary seat. Dr. Dalali Kafumu who 'won' the Igunga by election last October after the magnate Rostam Aziz threw in the towel, has lost the election petition. The presiding judge said that CCM was guilty of of “bribing” voters after the government distributed relief food during the campaigns. Judge Shangali said: “It is hard to understand why maize was distributed during campaign season. Is it to imply that Igunga residents were much more hungry during the campaigns? (see The Citizen newspaper). 
This is yet another indication of CCM dwindling fortunes. The myriad of CCM woes which still continue to expose their role in electoral malpractice. This is a victory for the judiciary which is now a degree of independence despite the numerous interferences from the ruling party. With the process of drafting a new constitution on going, I hope that the need for more judicial independence is looked into. The…

Ethiopian State Media announce Zenawi's passing

"Prime Minister Meles Zenawi passed away yesterday [Monday] evening at around midnight," government spokesman Bereket Simon said, adding that he was "abroad" when he died, according to AFP news agency. "He had been recuperating well, but suddenly something happened and he had to be rushed to the ICU [intensive care unit] and they couldn't keep him alive." State television said he had died after contracting a "sudden" infection. Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who is also Ethiopia's foreign minister, will be acting head of government, state television said. "Even if Ethiopia has been badly affected for missing its great leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi initiated fundamental policies and strategies which will be further strengthened," the TV said. Mr Meles had not been seen in public for some eight weeks prior to his death, and was reported to have been admitted to hospital in July. 
Tanzania's Foreig…