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The rise and rise of Tanzania as a regional economic hegemon

Tanzania has historically played a second fiddle in the East African region behind Kenya. Tanzania's foreign policy over the years has been based on its strong cooperation with the East and the Non-Aligned Movement. Tanzania's ideology has been that of a socialist democracy dictated by the ideals of humanity, equality, brotherliness and good neighborliness. Under the founding father Julius Nyerere, Tanzania practiced the Ujamaa ideology, a brand of Socialism which Nyerere termed as "Tanzania's unique socialism". The Ujamaa ideology was aimed at fostering national cohesion, self reliance and independence through the virtues of humanity. With this brand, Tanzania's close allies were Cuba, China and the now defunct USSR and currently Russia. Tanzania worked in close partnership with these nations whilst playing a non-aligned pragmatic foreign policy. Nyerere was good at this. 
With the triumph of capitalist liberal democracy that saw 'the end of history'…