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Fifty One Years of Political Independence in Tanzania, Economic Independence remains elusive

Tanzania mainland marks 51 years since it attained independence on 9th December 2012.  At the down of 1960s, many African nations were emerging as sovereign entities in the international system. Others had undergone a protracted struggle under colonial imperialism while others had peacefully negotiated for their independence with their colonial masters. For the first time in modern history, African states had gained global recognition and impetus in world politics and economics.
The African story has been written and authored by a myriad of scholars predominantly Western ones. Tales are told of a ragged and frayed continent, a wrecked continent, a continent of despair, a lost continent, and even the fate of the African continent ravaged by war, disease, ethnicity and underdevelopment has been told. But, despite this hopelessness and despair, apathy and cynicism in the African continent, Africa will forever remain our motherland.
Although independence had come, it had come only in politi…

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