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Tanzania-Malawi Boundary Dispute: Colonial Legacy and Poor Leadership

By Nico Minde Tanzania and Malawi are embroiled in a boundary issue over Lake Nyasa as it is widely known in Tanzania or Lake Malawi as it is widely referred in Malawi. Many have called for an amicable settlement of this boundary issue so as to avoid a boundary conflict, an aspect that has caused devastating consequences in Africa. In the past five decades of Africa's independence, boundary problems and demarcation-related issues in Africa have caused major wars. As one scholar puts it, borders are imagined lines that are rarely demarcated on the ground, demonstrating their nature as artificial, historical construction and/or a political invention. There have been many controversies and arguments concerning the arbitrary nature of African boundaries.
The Malawi-Tanzania border conflict with the lake at the focus is not a recent dispute as many might think. Since Malawi became independent in 1964, her diplomatic relations with Tanzania have been almost permanently strained. The caus…

Fastjet low cost airline launch in Tanzania is a positive step for economic prosperity

Wednesday 27 November, 2012: Fastjet, the first low-cost airline for Africa has started operations in Tanzania. Air travel in Africa is one of the most expensive in the world. The launch of local flights in Tanzania by Fastjet  will prove to be a positive economic step for various national sectors in Tanzania. Of greater boost shall be the tourism sector in. Tourism is a crucial revenue earner for the Tanzanian government. For a country that boasts of the highest mountain in Africa, the Mount Kilimanjaro, great national parks such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Sealous, and many other, Tanzania will greatly benefit from Fastjet. This is because local tourism will be rejuvenated and act as a catalyst for domestic growth. With the Zanzibar route to be introduced, this will further boost internal tourism. 
Of greater challenge shall be the government's will to improve infrastructure such as revamping and modernizing local airports and airstrips. The government needs to work throug…

Constitutional Review in Tanzania: Tanzanians urged to be part of the process

Wednesday 27, 2012: Tanzania is in the process of drafting a new constitution. The Constitutional Review team under the chairmanship of retired judge Joseph Warioba. The review team has been conducting regional meetings to seek the opinions of Tanzanians on what they would like the new constitution to provide. This is in deed a crucial moment of Tanzania's history. This process marks an important phase in collecting the views and opinions of all Tanzanians regarding the new constitution. The process is guided by Chapter 83 of the  Constitutional Review Law. 
Of critical importance is a clear understanding of the 1977 Constitution. One cannot make any meaningful contributions without a clear and detailed analysis of the current constitution. It is thus imperative for all Tanzanians of sound judgement to read the 1977 law so as to make a reason for basing your opinion. Most of the time, the politicians have used the review process as a campaign platform without duly recognizing the …