Friday, 10 August 2012

Western Intervention will not produce Reforms-Ahmadinejad

Via PressTV
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes that Western intervention are driven by self-interests and not on humanitarian needs. 

“I do not know of any power among the major Western powers that has intervened in a country for the sake of humanity; whatever they do is for self interest,” President Ahmadinejad said Thursday evening in an address to participants of the Tehran International Consultative Summit on Syria. 

Noting that ‘the colonialist powers’ nowadays attempt to impose their will on nations under the pretext of making reforms, the president argued that such a trend will eventually lead to war and added that reforms can never be implemented by inciting conflicts and hostilities. 

The Iranian president later referred to the invasion of Afghanistan by US-led NATO forces and said, “The first documents they carried away [from the country] were maps of Afghan mines... They acted similarly in Iraq and although they collaborated with [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam [Hussein] in all of his crimes, they staged a war against him to dominate and rule over Iraq.”

“Of course, the Iraqi government and nation did not accept this, but the [invasion] process inflicted huge damages on Iraq that would require 20 years to overcome,” he added. 

Rudisha You Awesome!

All Pictures courtesy of Daily Mail and Reuters
Oh David Rudisha! Such a humble and talented man. We bow down to exalt your performance in the 800m Final at the London Olympics. We knew you would do it. We knew you would win the gold. We knew you could break the record. But we didnt know you would remain so humble. Yeah, thats greatness, thats what we call legendary status. Well done David Rudisha

Leaving the rest trailing in the track. David Rudisha you are awesome!

There is the record Rudisha!

Who is on top of thw world?- Its me!!

And yes, you made your country proud.

Fare thee Well President Atta Mills

Fare thee Well
The people of Ghana will be joined by the rest of the world in laying to rest President Atta Mills. President Mills who died in July has been the epitome of Ghana's rise to economic strength and democratic ideals. Professor Atta Mills will be remembered as a firm leader who helped steer Ghana into economic prosperity and midwife the democratic transition in Ghana. I really admired the man. As a former university professor of law and academician, he has taught us that indeed, scholars can also run governments. We join the people of Ghana in bidding him a farewell. 

"Once we can grasp that each moment contains some sign of the will of God, we shall find in it all we can possibly desire, for there is nothing more reasonable, more excellent, more holy than his will."-Jean-Pierre De Caussade

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Robin van Persie is a sad man at Arsenal: Happy Times are at Old Trafford

Glory at Old Trafford RvP
Dear Robin van Persie,

I know all is not well. The pictures of you at the Arsenal training grounds are a testament to this. No one doubts your excellent football talents. You are a fantastic footballer who deserves great things. You deserve titles, accolades and being in a winning team. The statement you gave to the Arsenal board is enough to prove your thirst for team glory and achievement. I know you have had enough of individual praise and exaltation. My simple advise is just come to Old Trafford and be part of a winning formula. Trust me you will not regret. Your former colleague Cesc Fabregas' move to Barcelona last season exemplifies my position. 

All Pictures courtesy of Daily Mail
Manchester United is a great club where you are guaranteed a starting berth and team glory. You need to be part of the enviable Manchester United history. A club with a great Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, great players, fantastic support, amazing stadium and more so the theater of dreams. The most important thing is that the gaffer admires you and wants you at Old Trafford. Come and give the supporters a bit of your magic and trust me, the move will pay off.

Best Regards,

Deco Diedonnee (N. Minde)
last steps at Arsenal?
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Iran wins gold, silver of +105kg weightlifting at Olympics

Via PressTV
Iran's super heavyweight Behdad Salimi has won the gold medal and his compatriot Sajjad Anoushiravani pocketed the silver in the +105-kilogram category of the weightlifting competition of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
The 22-year-old athlete lifted a total of 455 kilograms to win the gold medal in the event, which was held at London's Excel arena on Tuesday. Anoushirvani hoisted 449 kilograms to win the silver medal in the category.  Russia's European champion Ruslan Albegov won the bronze with a total of 448 kilograms.  Salimi, who lifted 208 kilograms in snatch and 247 kilograms in clean and jerk, secured the gold medal with his first clean and jerk lift of 247 kilograms.  

The strongman attempted a clean and jerk world record of 264 kilograms, trying to beat the 263 kilograms mark set by Iran’s Hossein Rezazadeh, the twice Olympic and four-time world champion, at the Sydney Games in 2000.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

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Monday, 6 August 2012

What Clinton's visit to Kenya means

By Nicodemus Minde
The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on a seven day Africa tour. She is visiting a number of African countries in what is seen as an attempt to check on China’s growing influence in the continent. It is barely two weeks since China pledged over $20 bn in credit facility and technical support in various sectors of the African economy. This pledge was made in the 5th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation (FOCAC) in late July in Beijing. Chinese influence in the continent has grown enormously. The Chinese are mainly targeting the construction industry and rentier African economies. This has sent shivers to the US who see China’s growing influence as a direct challenge to their global economic hegemony.

Clinton’s Africa visit can be interpreted as a counter check of the growing Chinese influence. True to America’s foreign policy strategy, the trip has been choreographed and tailored on Washington’s pursuit of democracy and the respect of the rule of law as its enduring foreign policy essentials. Clinton is visiting Senegal, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and Benin. Her visit to Senegal amplifies the spirit of smooth democratic transition in competitive and free and fair elections. Senegal’s opposition candidate Macky Sall beat incumbent Abdoulaye Wade in a fiercely contested second round of the Presidential elections early this year. The smooth of the transition was heralded as one off in a region that is largely volatile to electoral malpractices and coup d'├ętats.  Clinton’s visit to Senegal can thus be seen as a way to congratulate the country for the smooth transition.
Why Kenya?
Madam Clinton meets PM Raila Odinga

I would like to explore the implications of Clinton’s visit to Kenya. This is Clinton’s second visit to Kenya. Her first visit was in August 2009. The United States has an interest in keeping Kenya stable, so Washington has a good deal in Nairobi. The Kenya Defense Forces are in Somalia in attempts to dilute and scuttle the Al Shabaab militia. Kenya needs assurances and support from the Americans. America sees Kenya as a key ally in the attempts to squash terrorism in the Horn of Africa region. Clinton also visited Uganda which is also a key ally in the attempts to deal with the Al Shabaab menace.
Madam Clinto with President Kibaki
During her visit to Kenya, Clinton reiterated the need for a democratic transition in the coming elections in March 2013. This can be affirmed by her meeting with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). She also had an audience with the Chief Justice Willy Mutunga where they discussed among other things, the speed of judiciary reforms. Madam Clinton further discussed Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, who intend to run for the presidency despite the noose of ICC still hanging in their necks. It is believed that Clinton sought the government position on the possible eligibility of the candidacy of these two individuals. Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa, who is a key political ally of the two, is believed to be of the support of the two to run for the president. However, in the meeting, Wamalwa said that the matter is in court and that the courts will rule over the matter. Clinton is said to be against the idea of the two running. In the event of either Ruto or Uhuru winning the elections next year, Clinton says that it could jeopardize the otherwise smooth relations between US and Kenya.     

Possible repercussions of kidnapping of Iran citizens in Syria

By Meir Javedanfar- Middle East Analyst
It has been that a bus load of Iranians were abducted by gunmen while on a pilgrimage in Syria. The total number of those kidnapped is believed to be 48. The recent kidnapping is likely to reduce the number of Iranians who visit Syria on pilgrimage. This is bound to hit Assad’s pocket hard as they are probably the only tourists visiting his country these days.

What should particularly concern the Iranian government is that this kidnapping could cause panic among thousands of Iranians living in Syria. This could increase the number of Iranians living in Syria who wish to leave. It should be noted that there were already reports in the Iranian press before today’s incident that some Iranian families want to leave Syria. This is bound to put the government of supreme leader Khamenei in a serious bind.

On the one hand if he doesn’t evacuate Iranian citizens, it could create infighting within his regime as those who live in Damascus most probably have close ties to the Iranian government.
On the other hand if he does evacuate Iranians, this could be seen as a sign of betrayal and loss of confidence in the Assad government by his Syrian allies. When it comes to Syria, time is not on Khamenei’s side. 

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Land Destroyer: UN Vote on Syria Reflects Changing Battlefield

Land Destroyer: UN Vote on Syria Reflects Changing Battlefield: UN Syria Resolution Signals Ebbing Western Legitimacy, Growing Western Aggression by Tony Cartalucci August 4, 2012 - Friday's UN vote ...