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The hypocrisy of US Foreign Policy in Ukraine

There has been a buzz over Ukraine in the last few weeks. The media is reporting it as the Crisis in Ukraine, emblematic to previous media declaration such as those in Syria (Syrian Crisis), Egypt (the Crisis in Egypt) e.t.c. What started as street protests by the people of Ukraine over the country's stance of being anti-European Union, soon escalated and saw the entrance of other forces. Efforts to pacify the opposition factions by the now ousted President Viktor Yanukovich were squashed. Yanukovich had made serious concessions which the European Union rebuffed in contempt. The February-21 agreement was mediated by Russia, France, Germany and Poland and aimed to end the bloodshed in Kiev by reducing presidential powers and establishing a framework for a national unity government, in addition to electoral reform, constitutional changes, and early elections. These efforts failed and the opposition toppled Yanukovich.

In a leaked telephone conversation between the US Assistant S…