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Initial Reactions to draft constitution of Tanzania

Nicodemus Minde The first draft of the proposed new constitution of Tanzania has to a large degree captured crucial and fundamental issues that affect our nation. The unveiling of this draft has not only signaled a new dawn, but also reignited in us the values and ethos that make us who we are. We are at the brink of prosperity. I believe in Tanzania, the land of great people, minds and plenty. This blog shall from today, examine in detail specific sections of the proposed draft and critically evaluate the proposals therewith. As pointed before, writing a new constitution and the process itself is a sign of expansive democratic space in Tanzania. We do not take this lightly, we gladly thank the Almighty for his merciful graces. 
The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) led by retired judge Joseph Warioba, yesterday unveiled the first draft of the proposed new law after months of extensive collection of ideas, proposals and opinions. Warioba pointed out that there were 1942 meetings…

Tanzania's Constitutional Review Commission to release first draft this afternoon

Nicodemus Minde The Constitutional Review Commission will today unveil the first draft of the proposed new constitution. In this historic event, the CRC will outline the proposed new constitution before a televised live broadcast from Karimjee Hall. Tanzanians wait with baited breathe to see what the new constitutional will be like. After months of intense collection of views, deliberations and critical constitutional review, the Commission chairman Joseph Warioba will present us a proposed new law. The process has been largely successful in terms of citizen engagement, civil society input, political party proposals, inputs by various religious organizations and private citizens. 
Tanzania comes of age in this landmark occasion when the CRC unveils the first draft. The CRC process in itself earmarks the onset of a new constitutional order in the country. Tanzanians wait to see what the draft will say on critical issues such as the union between Tanzania mainland and Tanzania-Zanzibar…