Friday, 13 March 2015

The Gift of Marriage

14 February 2015
The day was here
The day I had dreamed all of my life
The alarm went on - the ringtone - Today is my Wedding Day
Masha got into my room - She hugged me - All the best bro
I almost cried - But we danced - Today is my Wedding Day
I undraped my suit, white tuxedo, black trousers
The nobility of purple - purple bow tie - prose and elegant

She stepped into the aisle
Side by side with her brother and mom
She was so beautiful
Her vail couldn't hide her beauty
Could I resist the cry? No I couldn't..
So beautiful, she walked towards the altar
The 'proud of you son' look from my dad and mum
"Yes she's the one" So beautiful

As we danced to - "Beautiful in white"
A thousand Years
I give you all of me
The gift of marriage