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#Katiba Watch: Chenge stealing the show!

The Chairman of the drafting Committee, former Attorney General Andrew Chenge has been stealing the Katiba show. On 24 September, he unveiled a constitution draft that is now termed as the Dodoma Draft or what many are now referring to as the CCM draft. Mr. Chenge was at one time accused of massive corruption. He made further headlines when he retorted by saying the money he was accused of stealing was mere 'vijisenti'. He was later re-branded as 'Mzee wa Vijisenti'. He later resigned from his post as Infrastructure Minister and kept a low profile.
When the Constituent Assembly was set up in February this year, Chenge's name was mentioned for the position of the Chairman of the CA. The position however went to Mr. Samuel Sitta, who according to political commentators was a deliberate ploy to position himself for the post of the presidency come next year. Mr. Chenge, however, took up the post as Chairman of the Drafting Committee in the CA. Mr. Chenge, who many cla…