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Tundu Lissu on the Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union

The Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union remains a thorny political marriage. After failing to address the imbalances of the Union during the constitutional process (2011-2014), the fissures that characterize the Union have further increased. Chadema's luminary Tundu Lissu who is also the MP for Singida East has blown the lid off by claiming that Zanzibar is a colony of Tanganyika. Tanzania Mainland has been used wrongly to refer to Tanganyika - which the Warioba led Constitutional Review Commission recommended its reintroduction. Speaking in Zanzibar during a CUF campaign rally for the Dimani by-election on 11 January, 2017, Tundu remarked:
"Makoloni yananyonywa kiuchumi, yanakandamizwa kisiasa na yanatawaliwa kijeshi. Zanzibar ni koloni la Tanganyika kwa kivuli cha Tanzania." 
Below is a translation of his assertion: 
"Colonies are economically suppressed, politically suppressed and governed militarily. Zanzibar is a colony of Tanganyika under the guise of Tanzania"

Dimani By-Election: Renewed CUF-CCM Rivalry

CUF and CCM parties will renew ‘hostilities’ in the Dimani parliamentary by-election on 22 January 2017. Dimani’s MP Hafidh Tahir (CCM) passed away in November 2016 and the by-election will be a battle between Zanzibar’s two major political parties. At the launch of the campaigns, both parties took a dig on each other with the controversies of the 2015 General Elections still a topical issue. CCM’s Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana at the launch of CCM’s campaigns took a swipe at CUF’s leader Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad asking him to “resign” from the party after years of failure to secure the presidency in Zanzibar. Kinana also allayed the street talk that Maalim Seif would be one-day declared president stating that CUF has to wait until 2020 for another election. On his part, Maalim Seif labeled Kinana’s message as “absurd” further saying that “Kinana doesn’t know what is happening in Zanzibar.” CUF will be looking to win the Dimani by-election in order to boost their otherwise wan…