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Restructuring Tanzanian Constitution: Why a Decentralized System is best

The oldest constitutions in the world were framed in the 17th century and have been described as revolutionary pacts because they ushered in new political systems. After decades of a permeable and loosely constructed constitution, Tanzania is now in the process of drafting a supreme law that will address and map the future of Tanzania. The Constitutional Review Commission under the chairmanship of retired judge Joseph Warioba is now in the stages of creating constitutional councils (mabaraza ya katiba). The 1977 constitution was born after the political union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The law, as Issa Shivji puts it, derived its legal authority from the Articles of the Union. The process meant that Zanzibar lost its autonomy and was succeeded by Tanzania. International law, under the topic of state succession will best explain the 'dissolution' of Zanzibar and how its autonomy was swallowed by mainland Tanzania. This is a sensitive topic, which has elicited sharp reactions …