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Quotes on Constitution and the Scottish Independence: Lessons to Tanganyika - Zanzibar Union

Thomas Paine was an English-American political activist who wrote a lot on constitution making. He has very notable constitution quotes which are relevant to Tanzanian context as we write our constitution. Here are some: "The Constitution of a Country is not the act of its Government, but of the People constituting a Government." "A constitution has not an ideal but a real existence, and wherever it cannot be produced in visible form, there is none." "A constitution is the means by which the people determine the nature of the government that they will set over themselves, it is to a government what the laws made afterwards by that government are to a court of judicature."
These are interesting quotes especially on the supremacy of peoples' choice as opposed to party directives (in this case the ruling party - CCM). 
I have found an interesting article on Scottish independence which is relevant to the national debate on the future of the Tanganyika - Z…