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Will a new constitutional solve Tanzania's problems?

I am a firm believer in constitutionalism. The constitution embodies the history and aspirations of a people. It defines a people. Constitutions world over are emblematic of the historical backgrounds and definitions of a people. It is thus most, if not all constitution's preamble start with the words "We the People". 
I have been involved in may debates with people of all walks of life regarding Tanzania's quest for a new constitution. I have always argued that a new constitution will emancipate the poor, drag us out of the abyss of poverty, poor governance and many other ills that plague our country. Theoretically speaking am right. A properly written law will incorporate the fundamental needs of a people. It will protect the disenfranchised people, distribute wealth equally, will seek to better the lives of the rural poor by giving them services such as schools, medical services, water, good infrastructure, affordable food prices. You could imagine of all the nic…