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What to expect from Mtikila at the Constituent Assembly!

With the Constitution Constituent Assembly starting it's sessions tomorrow in Dodoma, there is plenty to expect from the members. With the members already known one person who will no doubt be vocal especially on the issue of the Union Government must be Reverend Christopher Mtikila. He has built a reputation for being the kingpin of taking matters to court. He has had and continues to have a history of court battles in Tanzania. He has fought and won the legal battle of an independent candidate at the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR). An self styled advocate of one government system in Tanzania and an opposer of a union government, Mtikila has sparked numerous inciting and inflammatory remarks. He is also known to be a fierce critic of Mwalimu Nyerere. He opposed him openly. 
The question is what will his selection as a member of the Constituent Assembly (CA) add? Do we need a dissenting voice in the Assembly? Do we need a fiery character to voice out conce…

Masuala matano magumu kuhusu rasimu ya Katiba

Kwa hisani ya Mtanzania Profesa maarafu Tanzania na msomi mtajika Issa Shivji ametaja masuala matano magumu ya rasimu ya Katiba. Huku Bunge la Katiba likitarajiwa kuanza shughuli yake kesho Dodoma, Prof Shivji aliwasilisha masuala yafuatayo; 1. Malengo muhimu na Maadili na Miiko ya Uongozi ( Special Aspirations and Integrity and Principles of Leadership) 2. Shughuli za Serikali ya Muungano (Activities of the Union Government) 3. Mapato ya Serikali ya Muungano (Revenue of the Union Government) 4. Kuhusu Polisi (Concerning Police) 5. Masharti ya Mpito (Transitional Procedures)