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The Voter

Dawn Freezing cold A yawn and off the bed First in line Its 4 a.m Tuesday He had waited for this moment Mirthfully He chatted with his friends - rubbing his hands A bit of warmth needed Rukia was up as well - she sold hot tangawizi and coffee As they waited for the centre to be opened - at 8:00 a.m The coffee made him awake till then Throngs of people began to gather at the registration centre But he was first in line Ecstasy - As he got in and filled the forms Biometric Voter Registered - Lolz A voter ID was in his hand Change was in his hand October 2015   Tanzania 

The Future of Democracy and Freedom in Tanzania is at Stake

Controversial pieces of legislations have been passed in Tanzania that will undermine press freedoms and democracy. Chadema's Chairman Freeman Mbowe comments on these legislations that put the country at stake ahead of the general elections in October.  
By Freeman Aikaeli Mbowe
The ruling party, the Chama Cha Mapindizi (CCM), has enacted a cluster of laws to clamp down on freedom of the media that will put a country once admired for its transparency and openness - and a significant development partner of the West - into the same league as other dictatorships on the continent.
The Media Services Bill will bar all but officially licensed journalists and media houses from operating, create a "media council" to control publications down to small newsletters and blogger sites, and impose stiff penalties such as the banning of newspapers.
The Cybercrimes Act will outlaw online publication of what the government deems "misleading, deceptive or false" information, and gra…