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#WeddingDiaries: Time with Frinds

Its 9:45 a.m Tuesday 6 January, 2015. My good friend Elvis calls me and says we should meet later that evening. Coincidentally, I had also planned another meeting with Nancy, a good friend of mine the same evening. I call Nancy and tell her that Elvis, whom she knows has planned a meeting with me. She tells me he had also asked her to join us in the meeting and his sister Ikunda will also be joining us as well. I continue with my work but fixated on the bridesmaids material which I need to buy later in the afternoon. 
My mum and sister Teddy will be joining me in the afternoon to go shop for the material. I have lunch and go to the CBD Arusha to meet them at around 3:00 p.m. We go to these Indian shops, which have very good lace material, which my fiancee has insisted we use despite it being very expensive. Its fine, she says it is her wedding and it should be the best day of her life. Well and good, we identify the purple lace material. Glory, Teddy's close friend had since join…

Happy New Year 2015 - #Prayerfor2015

Happy New Year to you all. I want to thank the Almighty Lord for granting me life and blessings. 2014 was my best year yet. As my spiritual mentor Joel Osteen likes to say "This year is going to be your best year so far." I believed 2014 was going to be my best year. Trials and tribulations had rocked me in 2013, but I never lost hope. I prayed and God granted me success. I stood by him when all seemed to go wrong. In so doing, I strengthened my faith and trusted in him more. I was reminded of Job's relent and faith when he was confronted by Satan's deceit. He was restored and gianed favor from the Lord. A new beginning came in 2014. When all seemed lost, an olive branch was extended to me. I rose in happiness, thanking God for the new beginning. The Lord has been be good to me and I praise his name. More and more I grew spiritually, my faith was strengthened, and I sought to know hime more. He gave me an amazing job, I engaged my girlfriend Joan, and we are getting…