Wednesday, 7 January 2015

#WeddingDiaries: Time with Frinds

Its 9:45 a.m Tuesday 6 January, 2015. My good friend Elvis calls me and says we should meet later that evening. Coincidentally, I had also planned another meeting with Nancy, a good friend of mine the same evening. I call Nancy and tell her that Elvis, whom she knows has planned a meeting with me. She tells me he had also asked her to join us in the meeting and his sister Ikunda will also be joining us as well. I continue with my work but fixated on the bridesmaids material which I need to buy later in the afternoon. 

My mum and sister Teddy will be joining me in the afternoon to go shop for the material. I have lunch and go to the CBD Arusha to meet them at around 3:00 p.m. We go to these Indian shops, which have very good lace material, which my fiancee has insisted we use despite it being very expensive. Its fine, she says it is her wedding and it should be the best day of her life. Well and good, we identify the purple lace material. Glory, Teddy's close friend had since joined us. After intensive bargaining with this middle aged man who is either Somali or Indian, we decide that we should try somewhere else. Glory, who got married last year knows these wedding stuff so she takes us to another shop. There we get the material at a relative cheaper rate. I am a great bargainer, my family, especially sisters know me for this.I further bargain and at last we settle on a negotiated price. Its already 5:00 p.m, we had taken two hours to buy material for seven bridesmaid. My word, this wedding thing is not easy. 

I rush to my car and hit the gym. With my wedding coming up, I have intensified my work out regime. After forty minutes of work out, Elvis calls me saying he could be running late. I finish up and rush to Bay Leaf, the scheduled place for our meeting. Elvis and Nancy had already arrived. Nancy was sipping her customary masala tea. "Its not as good as that of Arusha Cafe," she tells me as she adds a teaspoon of honey. We normally meet at Arusha Cafe some evenings. We briefly debated if we should seat outside or inside. I was okay with either. We agree to seat inside because of the mosquitoes. 

We take a table in the corner where this somehow shy waiter comes and takes our order. Past reviews indicate the place as expensive. I had never been there before. I order a jug full masala tea while Elvis orders cappuccino, apparently he is detoxing and his new year resolution is to stop taking alcohol. Ikunda soon joins us and laughs at Elvis' new year resolution. "Bwana harusi" became my codename. They ask if am excited about the wedding. Yes am excited but a bit nervous and jittery. All shall be well. We share jokes and talk about politics and other stuff. The topic on politics is not well received by Ikunda who says she's not into politics at all. We shift to E!, yes E!, of the Kardashian fame, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Fashion Police, and blah blah blah. Oh my God, I also know these programs? My sisters Masha, Gloria, Teddy and Doris are such a bad influence. Yes, they are the kids of today, the Instagram kids, so no need to blame them. Let them enjoy this as it lasts, or as I often tell them, "you will eventually grow up". We talk about family, life and religion. Religion, as is ritual, divided us. No need for details. 

There drizzles outside, soon it pours, it good we chose to stay inside. I look at my watch, its 11:23 p.m, I have to head home now. "Safari njema kaka Elvis" He and Ikunda were traveling to Dar the following morning.        

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