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Media role in the Constitution Process in Tanzania

The fourth estate, as the media has come to be known is very important in any civilized democracy. The media acts as an integral nexus between governance and the people and between policy and the people. The people need the media and the media needs the people. It is a unique symbiotic relationship which has existed for many years. Mature democracies world over are driven by vibrant media. The media not only informs but has been used as an advocate for change and has been used as a tool for creating awareness among people. The media has been used to question and criticize the government and shape public opinion on fundamental aspects that are pertinent to society. 
the country at a crucial constitution making stage, the media should rise above partisan interest and report objectively on the goings on in the Constituent Assembly which start this month. Tanzania newspapers in the recent past have failed to draw the line between mainstream journalism and tabloid business (udaku). Many o…

Chadema washeherekea kwa mbwembwe Arusha!

Wafuasi wa Chadema wakicheza na kufurahia mjini Arusha baada ya ushindi wa diwani wa kata ya Sombetini.  Mbwembwe za wafuasi wa Chadema.

 Mbunge wa Arusha mjini akiwapungia wafuasi wa Chadema walifurika licha ya mvua kubwa.

Maandamano ya waendesha pikipiki almaarufu kama bodaboda (Toyo) wakiongozana katika msafara wa ushindi karibu na hoteli ya Palace jijini