Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Constitutional Review in Tanzania: Tanzanians urged to be part of the process

Wednesday 27, 2012: Tanzania is in the process of drafting a new constitution. The Constitutional Review team under the chairmanship of retired judge Joseph Warioba. The review team has been conducting regional meetings to seek the opinions of Tanzanians on what they would like the new constitution to provide. This is in deed a crucial moment of Tanzania's history. This process marks an important phase in collecting the views and opinions of all Tanzanians regarding the new constitution. The process is guided by Chapter 83 of the  Constitutional Review Law. 

Of critical importance is a clear understanding of the 1977 Constitution. One cannot make any meaningful contributions without a clear and detailed analysis of the current constitution. It is thus imperative for all Tanzanians of sound judgement to read the 1977 law so as to make a reason for basing your opinion. Most of the time, the politicians have used the review process as a campaign platform without duly recognizing the importance of the voice of the ordinary man. 

Important information
  • Every Tanzanian with Tanzanian nationality is eligible to be part of the review process.
  • Any Tanzanian who has given up his nationality is not allowed to participate in this process, doing this will amount to a criminal offense.
  • The review team will receive opinions in any of the following means:
    • Through its website: www.katiba.go.tz
    • Through Email: katibu@katiba.go.tz)
    • Tel: +255-22-2133442 and +255-224-2230769  
    • Post: P.O Box  1681 DSM or P.O Box 2775 Zanzibar
    • Through regional meetings
Tanzanian are thus urged to take part in this process for the betterment of our future.

God Bless Tanzania


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