Friday, 24 August 2012

A reflection on my birthday

I start by thanking the Almighty God for guiding and protecting me to this day when I mark my birthday. I accept his blessings with innermost humility and modesty. I love to quote Psalms 30:12-“That my soul may sing praise to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever. This verse always inspires me. It is through his grace and love that I today stand proud and with positive progress. So I will sing praise to him and be glad in his blessings.

The Lord has been good to me. It is only last week that graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations at USIU. These are blessings and I continue to thank the Lord. As I mark this day, I would like to reflect on some issues which I find pertinent in my life.

Having graduated, this day marks an important phase for me to reflect on the life ahead. Having started working, I now understand the complexity of the life after school. This notwithstanding, life after school presents us with an opportunity to embark on the trials and tribulations of life. I see life after school as an avenue for me to better and solidify my personal principles. My lifelong goal is to be part of a modern society where the rights of all people are respected. As I embark in this life journey, my conviction is to be an agent of change, advocacy and model of progress.

I thank my parents, sisters, close friends and all my relatives for being there for me always. I promise not to be compromised in my life pursuit. I will hold these convictions with utmost regard and promise not to relent in my drive for success and being part of a progressive society.

God Bless.


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  2. Congratulations on your achievements. May the Lord continue elevating you to greater heights. Best wishes.