Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Political and Election Processes are about you!

Nicodemus Minde
Politics is critical ingredient of human society. Politics is the embodiment of human civilization and social progress. A polity can be a small association of human society such as the nuclear family, the extended family, the church, the workers unions and so on. Politics starts from such small associations to larger national politics. Political Science is the discipline that studies the nature of politics, the origins of political and human civilizations, political systems, and constitutional orders and so on. Political processes have been known world over as beacons for democratic transitions, constitutionalism, and the observance of the rule of law. But politics and political processes do more than steering the polity to ideals of good governance and democracy. 

A political process which is a lifelong exercise is a constant reminder to what has been done, what is been done and what should be done to steer economic and political prosperity. Election time is also an important phase in political systems. The election process which in developed democracies is a constitutional right is a time for reflection. A time to take stock of what the state has hitherto done in terms of uplifting the standards of its people. It is a time for the people to seat and reflect on their leaders, a time for the leaders to personally reflect on the successes thus far. 

Elections should not be taken as a time when politicians give promises. Elections should not be about the leaders. Elections are a national phase for reflection. It is a time when a people are reminded of their sovereignty. It is a time when people are filled with hope and expectation that they are integral proponents in the development of their country. And it is through this that they can resolve to determine their future by voting for leaders with their aspirations and not leaders with personal ambitions.   

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