Friday, 19 December 2014

#WeddingDiaries : Wedding Off

Scheduled to meet Gupta, my suit designer at Sarit Centre, Nairobi. Heated argument with my fiancée. She walks away from me but later says am the one who has walked away from her. Writing thus blog entry from Text Book Center. Feel so low. A Christmas band plays carols outside.  Nairobi people shopping and eating out. The festive season is alive in Nairobi. Thinking of getting Martin Meredith's book 'The Fortunes of Africa '. Feeling sad. I pray for strength. God hear me. I love you.

I sent this message to Joan :

     Am sorry I've not been the perfect person you envisioned. Forgive me for everything I've ever done to you. Find it in your heart to forgive me. My dear, am on my way to Arusha. Kindly send my stuff by shuttle tomorrow morning. It has been very difficult for me but my dear know that I will always love you.

Her responses:

Ni sawa my dear. God bless you abundantly.. Na ufanyiwe unavyo nifanyia... If u want to call off the wedding... Call my uncles n everyone uwaambie. I have forgiven u for everything.

Will send your stuff.. Pick them and pay for them.

If thats what umeamua... I will respect it.

I have nothing to say. Siwezi kuforce.

Will ask my bro to take the stuff to town now.
Am almost at home.

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