Tuesday, 13 May 2014

That Moment

That Moment
That defining moment
That moment you felt it was so close
That moment you knew finally, I got it
That moment you think you gave your all
That moment, an inner conviction that yes, this is it
That moment you told everyone; your friends, your family
That moment
A disappointing response;
A disappointing email, a disappointing text
A hollow feeling; a feeling of ineptness; sorrow; anguish
A dejected face; a feeling of regret; a feeling of why me?
A maudlin feeling; tearful and angst
That moment
You cry and wish it hadn’t happen
You look on the screen again and again
You call and tell your loved ones
You want to pray but you feel unheard
You don’t want to eat; you can’t step out of the house
That moment
New beginnings; a breakthrough; a smile
A song of praise; a dance of victory
You shout in glory; abundance of joy
A spring in your step
A thanksgiving prayer
That moment


  1. That moment I decided to read this poem.That moment i got inspired, That moment i read a great mans poem,That moment is this moment i take a second to tell you that."THAT MOMENT" is for the moments.

  2. Hi Jamal, am glad you liked it.I like your lines as well. Thank you for your feedback as well. That moment.