Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Western way of life in Nairobi!

Seated at Mater Hospital at the Thika Road Mall (TRM) Nairobi waiting to see the doctor. I have severe nausea and feeling dizzy and sweating excessively. I have vomited thrice since morning. As I wait to see the doctor  I make several observations. A woman seated besides me in her 40s is reading something from her Kindle. She is engrossed in the story. Another woman walks past me holding an Ipad. She's with a small girl; her daughter I guess. She looks 40 something as well. She goes to the counter to pay. She uses her Visa Card to make the payment. The young people in the waiting area are all in their smart phones, chatting or maybe just browsing the internet. The young ladies here are well dressed and in Western attires, well groomed. My girlfriend Joan, who has escorted me to the hospital is also on her phone playing Temple Run. 

"Faith Mwende" the receptionist calls out. A lady in red jeans with pierced lips and tongue and with long weave walks to the reception. The rest of the waiting patients seem to be watching a Nigerian film on Citizen TV. The lighting and sound of the film poor. A lady in long weave is shouting at a gentleman. They're arguing. I can't hear them well. Just outside the hospital, which is the second floor of the Mall are food courts. People in there are taking chips, chicken and pizza with large glasses of milkshake and juice. 

"Nicodemus Minde" the receptionist calls. I go and pick my receipt so that I can see the doctor. It's Kshs. 750 for consultation. 

Nairobi is a city that has really embraced the Western way of life. Let me get in and see the doctor.

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