Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Why Gen Ntaganda turned himself in

The US State Department has confirmed that wanted Congolese warlord Gen Bosco Ntaganda is in custody in the US Embassy in Kigali after he turned in himself and ‘specifically asked to be transferred to the International Criminal Court (ICC). This came after the Rwanda's Foreign Minister  Louise Mushikiwabo categorically denied allegations by Kinshasa that Ntaganda was in Rwanda. The 'surrender' by General Ntaganda who is known to many as the 'terminator' has sparked debate on the role of Rwanda in the Congo war. Ntaganda who is the leader of the majority Tutsi rebel group of M23 turned himself in to the US Embassy in Kigali and asked to be transferred to the Hague. Ntaganda is wanted for numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity by the ICC. The Rwandan government led by their foreign minister has been denying that they 'host' general Ntaganda. Kinshasa government Spokesman, Mr Lambert Mende has said it all along that Ntaganda was in Rwanda. Madam Mushikiwabo has always denied it to the extent of attacking Mr Mende by asking him if "Its the only thing that was in his mind"

Now that he has surrendered, one can deduce a number of conclusions. It is now hard to believe that Rwanda was not hosting Gen Ntaganda. The Rwandan government which is also led by majority Tutsi could have been using 'the terminator' in waging war in Eastern Congo for their national interests. It can be also deduced that the government of Rwanda were pushed hard by the United States to surrender the man who was in no doubt in Rwanda. The gimmicks by the foreign minister must have been brushed off by the US government and ordered to surrender the man. The US government must have made demands to Kigali, which if not met, 'there could be no business as usual'. 

The US Embassy in Kigali is a few metres from the Office of the President and Ministry of Internal Security. One can best judge from this proximate distances between the three offices. Your guess is as good as mine.

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