Saturday, 16 February 2013

The West needs to be genuine if they're to negotiate with Iran over the nuclear issue

TEHRAN – Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani has said that Tehran’s nuclear issue can be resolved if world powers enter negotiations seriously. 
Rohani, the current director of the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council, told reporters on Friday that the issues between Iran and the West, whether nuclear or otherwise, must be resolved through dialogue.  
“Iran has always said that it is ready to hold serious negotiations,” Rohani said. 
Commenting on unilateral sanctions against Iran, Rohani said, “When the West is increasing pressure and at the same time is talking about negotiations, then negotiations mean surrender.”
“If negotiations are serious and based on mutual understanding, there is no need to such tough actions,” he added. 
Rohani emphasized that if the West is seeking to make the Iranian nation surrender, it will never achieve its goal. The only solution is that they seriously come up for negotiations, he added.

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