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CCM and Police want to make Chadema look bad: It will not work!

The killing of a TV journalist by a police tear gas canister in Iringa is another attempt by the ruling party CCM to tarnish the image of peace loving Chadema party. It has been reported that David Mwangosi of Channel Ten TV died after been hit by a police tear gas canister. Chadema are on a nationwide campaign to popularize the Movement for Change (M4C) agenda. They were opening a party branch in Mufindi South village. The Tanzanian police have come under heavy criticism lately for their blatant disregard of peaceful mass gathering more so from the opposition Chadema. It has just been few days since a young man lost his life in Morogoro town during a Chadema meeting. There is no doubt that this is a deliberate tactic by the CCM government in cohorts with the Police to tarnish the image of Chadema. The opposition party is peace loving and embodies the image for change which the people of Tanzania are now in concert. These attempts to make Chadema look as trouble rousers should be condemned outrightly,

Democratic transitions dont come smoothly. Democratic space comes with a fearless drive for change across the societal divide. The opposition party Chadema is already showing the way. Open and transparent media are trying to spearhead this despite the frivolous attempts by the government to oppress them. Civil Society Organizations, both local and international should come out strong and midwife this process. The integral component of this struggle however is the people. I must admit that the people of Tanzania are now showing signs of political maturity by embracing change. The gestation period of a democratic Tanzania is coming to birth. Let us not relent in this pursuit. Government hindrances and opposers of a democratic Tanzania should not be left to triumph, let us rise to see a Tanzania that will wake up and compete in the region, continent and globally.

I urge the people of good to drive this agenda. The party that will act as a vehicle to this process is non-other than Chadema. Long live Tanzania, long live Chadema party. God Bless Tanzania.


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