Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Iranophobia: US, Israel ratcheting up Iranophobia campaign

Via PressTV
Dr. Ismail Salami, a political analyst says the US and Israel have embarked on an Iranophobia campaign to justify their illegal threats and sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Haggai Ram another scholar who is an Israeli explored prevalent Israeli assumptions about Iran in a book titles Iranophobia published in 2009. He looks at how these assumptions have, in turn, reflected and shaped Jewish Israeli identity.

Ismail Salami notes that the US, with the help of its allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, is determined to brainwash the world’s public opinion into believing that Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons and portray Tehran as a danger to the global security.  
I think Iran is been negatively portrayed by Western mainstream media.The Western world have gone on a relentless drive to demean the image of Iran and claim it is a pariah state that tolerates terrorists.

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