Monday, 9 July 2012

Happy Independence South Sudan

Nicodemus M. Minde
South Sudan today marks one year since it attained political independence. The people of South Sudan have a reason to celebrate despite the myriad of challenges. The people of South Sudan anticipated the January 2011 independence referendum which they voted by landslide to secede. July 9th 2012 marked an important phase of the South’s history when they attained their independence. The occasion was colorful and filled with glamor. The world and moreso, the people of South Sudan were filled with optimism for a new phase of history. But despite all this, South Sudan is still a fragile rentier state. For it to flourish and grow steadily, South Sudan needs to strategically transform itself from a fragile rentier state to a functional rentier base of economic success. Quality leadership remains as the backbone of getting it right in South Sudan. This can be done through a modern type of liberal democracy, respect for laws, accountability and good governance. These factors have been lacking in most African states, and South Sudan can take positive lessons from there.

Happy Independence South Sudan.

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